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Tattoo Aftercare

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  1. H2Ocean Aftercare Moisturizing Tattoo Cream

    H2Ocean Tattoo Cream Aftercare Moisturizing 2.5 Oz

    Our Price: $9.99

    H2Ocean features:
    *All natural ingredients
    *Vitamins A, C, and E
    *Will not clog pores
    *Non greasy formula
    *Keeps tattoo moisturized Learn More
  2. Intenze Tattoo Cleanze

    Intenze Tattoo Cleanze After Care Concentrate

    Our Price: $13.99

    Nothing cleans tattoos better than this antiseptic tattoo cleaning cleaning solution, formulated with 30 years of experience. Learn More
  3. Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit

    Tattoo Goo 5 Piece After Care Kit

    Our Price: $20.99

    Tattoo Goo Salve heals the skin but does not pull ink out
    Tattoo Goo Lotion is excellent for everyday use to keep the tattoo area soft and the color enhanced
    Deep Cleansing Soap protects the tattoo or piercing with a pH balanced, antibacterial and antimicrobial formula
    Color Guard ® Protection Stick contains UVA/UVB inhibitors with precision application on your tattoos
    Tattoo Goo is the original pharmacist developed BodyArt Aftercare product line Learn More

3 Item(s)

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